Consultancy - The Bubble News Latin America

We collaborated in the process of re-thinking its strategy around the news ecosystem through.

The Bubble is a digital media company that dissects what is happening in Argentina and Latin America by covering currents events and analyzing pop and media culture.


  • A better understanding of the target preferences, behaviors and opinions to extract qualitative data to contribute in conforming its Brand Positioning.    

  • Traffic analysis based on Website and Facebook interactions to gather rational information to understand behavior and lead us to find opportunities to gain interaction and volume.    

  • Information Technology (IT) diagnose to develop an action plan to optimize Website performance.

  • Define the mission statement.

  • Re-define the content and work on it against the mission statement

  • Position The Bubble as a unique product offering English-language local news in Argentina. 

  • Increase traffic volume to website.

  • Increase interaction/comments on website and social media.

  • Become the gateway (news site) to Latin America.