Creating a concept for Real Estate



A new real estate venture in Buenos Aires was conditioned by regulations that allowed a plan for building mostly small size units. The client approached Selva seeking an original approach to product design to market accordingly.

The specs of the building combined to the convenient location made it suitable for youngsters. Regulations protected part of the pre-existing building. A tower that belonged to a french-style estate.


Following the growing trends of the Share Everything culture (think Airbnb and Uber) we designed the first Coliving Apartments Building in BA.

We intervened the interiors design of all common places creating attractive coliving spaces suitable for the Millenial everyday life, such as, Coffee loung, Coworking space, two multipurpose living rooms and and one club house.

We also designed an interior module that would optimize the studios space with smart solutions of high value for the segment.

Then we produced all the Artwork and created an according Branding to showcase and market the product.

Creating a concept for Real Estate

Creating a concept for Real Estate

Defining a Target, defining the product, designing interiors and creating all digital media for marketing.

Colving spaces

Colving spaces

Designed attractive coliving spaces recycling an old pre existing building.



Designed to optimize interior space.

Aristobulo Coliving_Modelo_Monoambiente_50m.jpg
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Aristóbulo Coliving